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International Bank Money Transfers

Transfer Supermarket compares a selection of the very best currency exchange companies who assist individuals and businesses with their international bank money transfer requirements. We have helped thousands of people save money by comparing money transfer companies offering international payment solutions, where you can beat bank foreign exchange rates when sending money overseas.

Send Money Abroad – UK Pound, Euro & More..

If you need to arrange a money transfer abroad then you should consider that using your local bank to make your transfer will cost significantly more than using a private currency exchange company. Sending money abroad with a private currency exchange company is very easy and in most cases the money will arrive at your designated bank account either same day or next day.

There are several British currency exchange companies who can offer you a big discount when you transfer money from the euro, UK pound, US dollar or another currency to a bank abroad. You do not have to live in the UK to sign up, as our recommended currency exchange companies offer global customer services.

Transfer Supermarket Rate Comparisons

Transfer Supermarket helps individuals and businesses save time and over 4% of the transaction total when sending money abroad. With volatile currency market exchange rates, together with excessive fees charged by banks, more and more people are choosing to transfer money abroad using a specialist currency exchange company, and with the help of the internet we have been busy pointing them in the right direction.

Currency Exchange & Personal Brokers

But it’s not only about rates and saving money, as you’re unlikely to receive the same personal services at your bank as you would from a personal broker, who is familiar with your requirements and would be your point of contact on an ongoing basis if you made regular payments abroad. All major currency exchange companies use personal brokers to assist clients with their international money transfers.

All foreign currency exchange rate comparisons displayed on our website are indicative and exchange rate margins will vary dependent on individual requirements. International currency markets move throughout the day, and margins applied by foreign exchange companies will vary.